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Hangzhou LTECH Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a large domestic optical fiber quick connector research and development enterprise, dedicated to solving the on-site fusion-free quick connection of optical fiber, leading the research and development orientation of the industry. The problem of fixed-length fiber jumpers and reasonable wiring in the communication room has realized the efficient production of movable connecting devices and the practical application of invisible optical fiber beautification wiring and field connection. The newly developed new structure active connector has achieved a 3-fold increase in per capita production capacity.

In the 5G field, the problem of on-site connection of distributed base station optoelectronic hybrid cables is solved, and the 5G base station can be connected in any scene, and the on-site fixed-length connection of fiber optic cables can be realized. The main products include:

SC\FC\LC all kinds of optical fiber quick connectors, non-fusion physical optical fiber connectors, high-performance field fixed-length jumper system, radio and television special non-fusion connectors, maintainable field jumper ODF/OCC, etc., with dozens of items Patents, completely independent intellectual property rights, the products provided have won the honor of full technical score many times in the bidding of Chinese operators.