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Company Profile

Company Profile

   Hangzhou Leite Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a large fiber optic quick connector R&D enterprise in China. It is committed to solving the fusible fast connection of fiber optic field and leading the research and development of the industry. At present, it has realized the simple and stable physical connection of FTTH fiber and solved it. The problem of fixed length jumper and reasonable wiring on the communication machine room has realized the efficient application of the active connection device and the practical application of the invisible fiber beautification wiring and field connection. The newly developed new structural activity connector achieves a threefold increase in per capita capacity. In the field of 5G, the problem of field connection of distributed base station opto-electric hybrid cable is solved, and the 5G base station can realize the on-demand fixed-length connection of the fiber-optic cable in any scenario.
   The main products include: SC\FC\LC various fiber optic quick connectors, fusible physical fiber optic connectors, high performance field fixed length jumper systems, radio and television special fusible connectors, maintainable field jump ODF/OCC, etc. With dozens of patents and completely independent intellectual property rights, the products provided have won many technical perfect points in the bidding of Chinese operators.
Hangzhou Leite Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

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